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Activities at Guesthouse "Palio Eleotrivio"

Horse Riding...

Relax with an invigorating ride through the village or the beech and chestnut tree forest accompanied by experienced instructors.

Recommended trails:
The visitor to Agios Lavrentios, apart from using the village as a starting point for his trips to Pelion, can also have a pleasant time staying in the village where a walk through its streets will be reward in itself. If though he loves hiking, there are many trails he can follow.

The following are recommended:

1. Agios Lavrentios - Drakeia:
The walk to the neighbouring village of Drakeia is relatively short, as the hiker needs about 50 minutes to get there. The road to Drakeia is a rural track through a forest of beech, chestnut and plane trees.

2. Agios Lavrentios - Hania:
Either by following the track that links Agios Lavrentios to Hania, or accompanied by a guide who knows the old pathway, the visitor can walk up towards Hania, the peak of Pelion, reaching a height of 1,100 metres above sea level. The route requires the visitor to be in good physical condition and it does not exceed three hours.

3. Agios Lavrentios - Agios Vlasios - Agios Georgios:
Following the pathway that used to link the three villages in the past, the visitor can enjoy an enchanting walk that does not exceed 2 ½ hours.

4. Agios Lavrentios - Kato Lehonia:
The old pathway, unfortunately ruined in some parts, leads the visitor to the harbour of Agios Lavrentios, the coastal plain of Lehonia. Fans of horse riding can enjoy their favourite sport after first contacting Pantelis Spinas on 697 371 8928.


Magnificent treks along signed pathways to the neighbouring villages of Agios Vlasios, Drakeia and Hania.

Montis Ordo
bike rental-trekking&cycling tours executive guiding.

At the slopes of central Pelion, the best terrain spread for hiking trails of various levels and duration. A path network is available to you to reveal the beauty and energy of the landscape. Experienced mountain guide can accompany you on a first acquaintance with the rich cultural heritage and nature!

Mountain bike...

Ride on 2 wheels through forest roads and trails! The scenery is spectacular through ravines, paths and small bridges. With comfort, speed and security, travel on the footsteps of the Centaurs!

Alex Petroutsos +30 6977955298
Marianna Barla +30 6989630336
Τηλ: +30 2423023226,

Diving Center...

Welcome to Zoumbosub diving centre. At the centre of town of Volos you can find Zoumbosub diving school. The diving centre is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment. The instructors of Zoumbosub are ready to guide you through the magical underwater paths of Pagasitikos gulf!
Specially designed excursions for all divers' levels, to imposing sea bottoms will offer you the delightful experience of scuba diving. Zoumbosub diving school offers scuba courses to beginners and experienced divers giving particular emphasis on the safety rules which govern this wonderful sport.
You can attend all scuba courses and specialties provided by PADI, the largest diving association worldwide.
Specially designed excursions for all divers' levels, to imposing marine environments at the foot of the majestic Pelion Mountain, will offer you the delightful experience of scuba diving.
Whoever wants to experience the unique feeling of underwater breathing, just follow the instructors of Zoumbosub for a Discover Scuba Diving, where you will discover scuba dive and its secrets!

Tel.: +30 24210 29574

Jeep Safari...

If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, you can take the forest road that leads to the ski centre at Agriolefkes and discover Pelion's unexplored corners.

Day trips to Sporades islands

The geographical location of the village, just 22 km from the port of Volos, allows the visitor to get a taste of the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos.

Tour of Pelion

If you have a car, don't forget to take a tour of Pelion and get to know the other villages on the mountain of the Centaurs.

Winter Sports

Winter sports fans can enjoy the snow on the pistes at the Agriolefkes ski centre (30 km via Drakeia).

Food and Restaurants in Pelion

Food is a key element in every visitor's holidays. Pelion can offer you a unique journey through the tastes that our grandmothers have created over the ages. During your stay you can choose from among dozens of restaurants and ouzeries in Pelion where you can taste local Pelian specialities and many traditional mezes.

Some of the local specialities that you must not forget to try are spetzofai (sausage and peppers), moussakas, tsitsiravla (pickled greens), home-made pies and local meat. In coastal areas you can sit by the sea and enjoy fresh fish and other seafood.

And last but not least, Pelion sweets made by women in the area will complete your feast of tastes.

All local products and dishes such as sweets, honey, apples, chestnuts, home-made pasta, wine, etc. are readily available so the tasty delights of Pelion can follow you home!

Entertainment in Pelion

The organized beaches in Pelion provide every kind of tourist infrastructure, sports - cultural events and ideas for entertainment that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Restaurants, cafeterias and bars providing nightlife all summer long are there to fill your days and nights with moments of pleasure.

During the summer many events are held for your entertainment, festivals, dances and musical soirees.

The nearby beaches also provide other ideas for entertainment, such as Beach Bars open all day where events are held and rock bars or bars holding Latin evenings.

Weather in Pelion

Pelion is well-known from ancient times for its ideal, healthy climate created by the combination of the lush-green mountain, the abundance of water and the fresh winds from the Aegean Sea.

April - May - June in Pelion

In Spring the weather in Pelion and the temperatures range pleasantly from 20 to 24 degrees. The sea is clean and always calm, ready to welcome visitors to Pelion. To refresh them and remind them that summer has returned to the place where the mythical gods of Olympus spent their holidays.

Flowers in bloom create a colourful scene, the inhabitants prepare for Easter, the feast bringing the magnificent message of the Resurrection to Man, locals and visitors alike throng the traditional alleyways and paths, and the imposing and lush-green Pelion reminds us that this place was made for holidays, for resurrecting the senses and exploring local traditions, customs and cultural wealth.

Particularly for walkers and those who love to admire and live close to Nature, the end of April, May and June (together with September and October) are the best seasons for coastal and mountain walks!

June - July - August in Pelion

The weather in Pelion in summer is particularly pleasant with average temperatures 24 - 27 degrees due to the cool air from the mountain and the sea is clean, calm and warm enough not to give you a shock when you first get in.

The vegetation, the flowers and local fruit are in abundance and together with the walks, tours, events, activities, sporting occasions and local festivals and fairs, they enhance our visitors' impressions and pleasantly fill their days.

September - October in Pelion

During Autumn in Pelion the average temperatures have fallen in relation to summer to about 20 - 24 degrees but the sea still maintains a pleasant temperature that allows you to swim and enjoy the unique Greek shores. The mountain also adapts to Autumn and its slopes are covered with apples, chestnuts and walnuts. For those who prefer to take their holidays in quieter surroundings, far from mass tourism, the period from mid-September to the end of October is just right as the temperature is pleasant and the sea is still very clean.

And during September - October
Pelion awaits its friends to present them with endless hours of walking, exploring and discovering places that will stay in their minds long after they return home.

Don't forget on winter days for a more comfortable journey always have with you:
● Raincoat
● Umbrella
● Torch
● Boots
● Snow chains for the car

Pelion Railway

During your holidays in Pelion, don't forget to take a ride on the Pelion Railway, the well-known "Mountzouris"!

The Pelion Railway was constructed in two stages from 1894 up to 1903 by the Italian engineer Evaristo de Chirico, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Chirico.

For 80 years the railway was a focal point for the greater area, as it provided important services for the development of eastern Pelion, transporting people and goods from Volos to Milies.

Today after 25 years out of service, the Pelion railway is again travelling the same route.

Starting off from Lehonia, it climbs uphill whistling as of old, and after passing through the traditional villages of Ano Gatzea, where it stops for a few minutes, Agia Triada, Agios Athanasios, Pimakates and Argyreika, it terminates in Milies. At Milies you can watch the direction of the engine being changed manually so it faces towards Lehonia for its return journey.

While taking this beautiful trip on the Pelion railway you can see: the masterpieces made by de Chirico, one of a kind in all Europe (6 stone bridges, two-arched, three-arched, four-arched, one five-arched and one metal), other stone bridges with arches, innumerable lush-green landscapes, a passage from the dream world to reality in perfect harmony with Pelion's abundant natural surroundings. The old stations are also of great architectural interest and the railway lines (preserved in excellent condition up to today) are unique in Greece.

On arrival in Milies, the 'Church of the Holy Archangels' is well worth a visit, apart from anything else it is of historical importance as it was here on 7 May 1821 that Anthimos Gazis raised the flag of revolution against Turkish occupation. The 'Psychis Akos (Healing the Soul)' library where today the historical flag is preserved together with unique, centuries-old documents, books and rare artifacts from the period of Turkish domination. And the folk museum.

Along the mountain paths from Milies, you can walk to Vizitsa, Pinakates and Ai-Giorgi and see old mansion-houses, churches, chapels and many monasteries that remind us of that age.

Railway trips begin each April and the season finishes in October. The route is also suitable for hiking. It is worth noting that the railway can be hired by associations, tourist groups and anyone else interested.

The trip on the Pelion railway lasts 90 minutes, with a 15 minute stop at Ano Gatzea and Milies and its maximum speed is 20-25 km per hour.


Τel.: (+30) 24210.28.555 and Mob: (+30) 698 4621879

10:00 from Ano Lehonia to Milies
15:00 from Milies to Ano Lehonia
Every Saturday and Sunday April 15 each year to end October
There is no service on Easter Sunday.

10:00 from Ano Lehonia to Milies
15:00 from Milies to Ano Lehonia everyday 10:00 from Ano Lehonia to Milies 11:30
15:00 from Milies to Ano Lehonia 16:30
Every Saturday and Sunday April 15 each year to end October
Every day from July 15th untill the end of August.
There is no service on Easter Sunday.

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